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  1. we have pretty good quality water here but i'm sure you're probably right. cant hurt to have cleaner water. maybe ill try a reverse osmosis filter if i see a good deal on one.
  2. i have a very fine mesh filter on my water supply, not sure how much it does but i haven't had any issues with contamination. we run the cars through the carwash to get the majority of the dirt of then clean with a clay pad.
  3. also my guys have all their patterns cut on a plotter so that saves them a substantial amount of time compared to how some shops operate
  4. our shop basses commission structure on flat rate not ratios so its important to understand what is common for a specific task.
  5. i see, our suv's come with privacy glass in the back so we only have to tint the front 2 windows. also 95% of our work is wholesale which is good cause we have a huge backlog so i don't see us running out of work ever. but the downside is we cant charge retail rates.
  6. $70 for just tint on a suv or ppf included? our labor bill for 2 window tint is $55, $129 for hood and fender ppf.
  7. my plan is to set it up so if they keep doing what they've been doing they'll make a little more but they'll have the ability to do more and get more
  8. 35% of the bill or just the labor portion? how much per vehicle do you think is fair, i understand all markets are different.
  9. im also curious about how this turned out. my guys are ready for a pay increase and id like to go to commission. we never run out of work
  10. we're about to run out of iso, gonna switch to denatured alcohol, it smells but it works just as well.
  11. add a easy reach with slip tape for stubborn bubbles and thats all i use. pretty easy tp carry without an apron