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  1. i use 2-3 pumps per liter of water, but it varies depending on all kinds of stuff. if the film is sticking too hard ill add a little soap and if its not sticking ill dilute with more water.
  2. thanks, any advise for getting it calibrated properly. this blade and strip have lasted a year with every day use. im not sure if that's good or not.
  3. our plotter is having issues and i think it's caused by the strip wearing out. it will cut through in some areas and not even score the film in others. ive ordered a new strip and blade but im here to see if yall have any temporary solutions or ideas if it could be something else wrong with the machine.
  4. not all 3m tint has the watermark, it would be tough to prove what it is one way or the other. it's common for the back glass to dry faster then doors because it gets more sun exposure.
  5. try scrubbing it with your glue remover and see if that helps. there could be rain-x or anti fog on it
  6. make sure you're consistent with your quality control expectations.
  7. it depends on the market and experience level of the installer but you also need to factor in if your installer buys their own tools and chemicals or if you supply them. who pays for vehicle damages? do you pay them for fixing comebacks? do they get pto and benefits? do you have a plotter or do they have to hand cut everything? my guys make around $40-70 per car, their patterns are pre-cut for them on a plotter we supply all their tools and chemicals they get pto and benefits they came in with no experience and learned on our dime
  8. we supply masks and gloves to our employees and customers. we've also been promoting social distancing. a couple of our employees have gotten sick but not many.
  9. i'm sure someone could create a model that would compare the surface area and solar angle to predict the the change in tser, but since you've already decided that it needs to go, why worry about it? you could guess and say ~30%, but again it gets more complicated depending on which direction you park. id expect better performance if you park facing north. you could also put sun reflectors in your window when you park to keep it cooler for when you get back. hope that helps a bit.
  10. look up "tint stuff" on youtube. its helpful to see what others are doing
  11. if it's curling up that sounds like too much heat on the edge
  12. i'd agree that its a weakness to the car but as long as you know about it (which you do now) its easy to avoid damaging it. they are easy windows to tint and strip. that's like saying rear defroster lines are a poor design because they can be damaged by a razor blade. its not a poor design, its a feature.
  13. film can easily be removed, just loft the edge with a plastic scraper and pull it off. then scrub with a white scrub pad and some super stripper. it works quite well. its just slower then scraping with a razor. i work at a lexus dealer and we see these cars quite often.
  14. what do you charge and where do you sell it? also are most of your customers successful installing the film or do they end up coming back to you to have it done?