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  1. I've only done 1 RX back glass, we ended up taking the spoiler lip off in order to shape the film. Once you take off the interior panel there's 5-6 bolts that hold it in place along with a strip of double sided tape.
  2. I haven't had this problem but if you apply gentle heat you might be ale to smooth it out with your thumb. That sometimes works for smeared glue with xpel. My only other suggestion would be to be very careful and only lay the film once and don't move it once it's down.
  3. seems like a cool product, if it's legal i know a lot of customers who would love to have windshield protection
  4. what was the defect? I've never tried to warranty something through the manufacturer. seems like it would be tough to prove that it wasn't installer error.
  5. I'd say it looks like the window seal is broken. at that age its likely that the seal would have failed regardless of tint being applied.
  6. waterspots are generally on the outside and you'd need acid rain remover to get them off. it would help if you post a couple pictures so we can see what you're dealing with.
  7. photo 1 is a misalignment of the pattern and should be replaced. as far as the gap you see on the top edge of the windows that is normal, if the film went to the very edge then it would peel as you roll the window up.
  8. that's a horrible installation. none of that would have been allowed to leave my shop. honestly i would be hesitant to let them try again since they could cut into the paint or otherwise damage the vehicle. my vote is to take it back and have them refund you as well as remove the film. then take it to another shop to get the film replaced.
  9. my plotter seems to have increasingly common errors where the blade will cut a zigzag across the pattern or it will just start feeding out tint endlessly until it is manually stopped. do any of you have these issues?
  10. maybe try to get some smaller jobs, like residential jobs where you'd be able to finish the job with what film you have remaining. it would depend on how much you have left on the roll. i bet you could find some customers that would just want 1-2 windows done in a home office or bedroom where the light shines in. I don't do flat glass but that's just my 2 cents on what i would try to do.
  11. I'd say offer a mid range tint and get the ball rolling. Your customers will tell you if they want a more premium film or if they want a cheaper price and you can order accordingly.
  12. how do y'all have your shops setup? We're looking into updating our setup and getting some new peel boards so its a natural time to look into different options.
  13. i use 2-3 pumps per liter of water, but it varies depending on all kinds of stuff. if the film is sticking too hard ill add a little soap and if its not sticking ill dilute with more water.
  14. thanks, any advise for getting it calibrated properly. this blade and strip have lasted a year with every day use. im not sure if that's good or not.
  15. our plotter is having issues and i think it's caused by the strip wearing out. it will cut through in some areas and not even score the film in others. ive ordered a new strip and blade but im here to see if yall have any temporary solutions or ideas if it could be something else wrong with the machine.