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  1. I picked this car up about a year ago and wanted to get it tinted early on but the shop I used previously moved from Madico to XPEL. While I trust this guy immensely the quote I got to do all the windows minus the windshield was too high; $575 for Prime XR and $850 for Prime XR Plus. Every now and then I start looking again but get over whelmed trying to find the right film at a price. My previous cars were all Madico Charcool and I had no issues with it what so ever. In fact we still have the one car he tinted in 2011 that still looks good to me. I say this because as I read some of these threads here and elsewhere often people talk about the color shifting or fading after just 4 years or so. While I haven't seen many references to that with Charcool there were a few. So I wonder how much is true, how much is regional and how much is just people pushing what they have or install. Anyway, my goal is to be right around 30% and I am hoping to cut out a little more heat than standard dyed film since there is so much glass in this car. In case it matters I am in northern NJ. So far these are the prices I got for each film: Suntek Carbon Series $245 sounds like fade is a non issue but I saw several references to haziness and scratches Madico Charcool $239, I know this film but I would like something that rejects more heat Madico Black Pearl Nano Ceramic $349 Seems to get very mixed reviews. Some love it, some hate it and say it fades fast, also doesn't seem to reject much more heat than Charcool. LLumar dyed $290 sounds OK but I would likely just go with the Charcool since I have experience with it already and it is slightly cheaper LLumar CTX $390, this sounds like the best fit for my needs. The TSER is around 48 vs 30 for Charcool, so decent amount more rejection for reasonable cost adder Llumar IRX $490 looks like it compares well to Xpel, especially for the price but might be more than I need. Right now I am leaning towards the Llumar CTX as the reviews are generally good and the price seems pretty good. Any suggestions?