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  1. hey guys, so I wanted to order a 40" roll of 50%, express has 60 or 30". Do you guys know if they are able to split that 60 into 40/20?
  2. I am looking to try the Express Classic Ceramic.Has anyone used this film? What are your thoughts?
  3. Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it. Yes, the suntek is certainly thinner and I have notice how easily it can be scratch. Any recommendations between the classic charcoal 1.1, 1.2, and classic black?
  4. Hello everyone, I need advice. I want to start tinting on the side, what tint film to you guys recommend me to use? I have used Suntek and Express window films. It seems that most tint shops in my area use Suntek. I've been thinking of starting with their Carbon. Is this a good film? any fading through out time? I just want to use a film that wont get me customers coming back because of fading. At work, I work with Xpel black and that times I used Express NS Classic charcoal it feels very similar to Xpel. Same question, How good is Express window films? I like Suntek because it is easy to shrink but very flimsy and easier to crease. I like express film because it feels similar to Xpel. The only down side of working with Xpel it seems that I get peanuts in vehicles that I dont usually get when I use Suntek. Would I have the same issues with express films on these certain vehicles?