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  1. After just reading one post I knew I was in the right place for this question. I want to pay for the best. There are two businesses here in Idaho Falls I trust, one sells Solar Guard and the other, the Toyota Dealership where I just bought my 2020 Corolla, sells Llumar. After 5 hours of research my head is spinning with all of the facts I've learned, including the fact that you need the ceramic so the TPMS signal isn't interferred with and that front windows often have a green tint and you need to comnpensate for that with the correct shade, etc, etc. so many facts. Head hurts. It got to the point that I'm done trying to learn it all, I just want to ask you guys, What's the best tint to get for a 2020 Corolla? I'm not a cheap bastard, I want the best. what is that?