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  1. Thanks man I really appreciate all the info!!! That really helps a lot. I have some more film on the way and will post again if I have any issues or if it goes well. I have to keep in mind to slow down and take my time with everything. Even during my set up. Thanks again!!
  2. I’ve tried tinting twice and completely failed both times. I’m trying to install tint to the front windows of my 2016 Honda CR-V. This last time I attempted I used precut solar gard tint and Came into some issues. I used a water/dawn dish soap mixture and thought I added enough soap. While applying the adhesive side to the window it would immediately stick. The time before I was able to slide my tint into position before tacking it down but not this time. This made it really hard to line everything up. Once I got the top lined up I started to move down the window and creases were started popping up everywhere. I tried pushing them out but they just folded and at that point I was screwed. I tried experimenting with some of the others with the heat gun hoping I could shrink em out but they did the same and folded. Was this a solution mixture issue? Not being able to slide the tint into place? What could I do to prevent this next time? Any other tips or tricks would be much appreciated!