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  1. The residential films I'm seeing are "dual reflective" so that are mirrorish from the outside 65% as opposed to the automotive which is 6% I think I'd rather have the automotive for that reason. How about seams? Is that a big no no? I have 7 windows I need to tint. (4) 72"x24" (2) 33"x32" and (1) 36"x29" 05 CR Classic Ceramic from Express Films I would need to order 40" x 100ft roll for $462. Seems like a lot more than I need.
  2. It's on the inside of the glass so I don't know what regular automotive tint wouldn't work
  3. I just ripped the tint off of my 35 year old sportfishing yacht. I want to replace it myself. I have a friend of a friend that use to do it for an autobody shop that is going to help me. I just need to by the materials. What is the best bang for my buck? I really hate how purple it was. I think it looks so trashy. Has there been enough advancement in the last 30 years that this is a non-issue? I also what it as dark as possible to keep my cabin from getting hot, but also not too expensive. Preferably non-metallic. Is there a reliable place I can buy rolls of tint online? I don't want to pay an installer if I don't have to, but I don't wan't to order from eBay and pay for a premium product to get shipped something inferior, because I won't know the difference. What size are the rolls? My back two windows are bigger than car windows. Thanks!