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  1. Non-professional Newbie here, about to get my new ride tinted. First I researched tint shops in my area and narrowed down to 2. Both highly recommended by local car club members & forums....both have near 100% 5-star ratings from customers. Then I researched films. While there are always positive & negative reviews on every product, I've never come across any product with near 100% NEGATIVE reviews as I have with SunTek! Yet the one high-end installer I really feel confident about told me they used to use Llumar, but switched to SunTek because it's a better film and they've had better experience with it!🤔 So here's my issue....One shop only uses Llumar ATC, the other uses only SunTek Carbon, CXP, & CIR. What to do??! This is a post from their social media page.... "Before and after of a rear window customer had done at another shop and as you can see, the cheap film will fail in a year or two..We use Suntek Carbon film that won't fade, turn purple, or bubble and won't interfere with FM/AM radio, radar detectors, cell phone service,etc.. We also offer a lifetime warranty with our film! Tint removal specialist with no damage to Rear window!"