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  1. I apprenticed at a very nice 3M tint shop for about 8 months, but it was about 10 years ago. I've tinted a handful of cars, but no door panel removals and no super difficult rear windows just yet. I think it was more about me not having the opportunity & them not wanting to waste film while I learned on the job. Anyways--here we are in 2020. I am looking to keep my day job, but want to set up a side business in my garage for friends/family/neighbors as a learning experience and way to make a few extra bucks. As I get my confidence, skills, and hopefully some funds together--maybe it will progress into something more. With all of this in mind, can you recommend resources for me to get started? I am looking at ordering my supplies from Windowtintsupplies.com and trying some of the Suntek Carbon films. I am only familiar with 3M lines. I used color-stable 35 mostly. I am trying to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on film that is sub-par, but I don't want to over-invest in films while I am developing this craft more. I have heard a little about a greenish tint on the Suntek Carbon line and I don't want that look. I want a classic charcoal look that won't fade and matches the rear glass as much as I can. I am trying to find out whereto buy quality film without being a "dealer" but wanting that same product standard. So far I am leaning into Suntek Carbon thru windowtintsupplies.com and wanted some advice for my basic garage hobbyist setup.