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  1. Thank you for the feedback! It's great to get the inputs from other tinters on this forum. Now I know I for sure have tint OCD...
  2. Hey everyone! I recently tinted my brand new VW GTI here in the Bay Area. I paid $475 for IRX on all the windows minus the windshield and the front two triangles. On judgement day (about 2 weeks after the tint job) I rolled down the window and noticed that the front end of the driver side front window had nearly zero edge gap and that there was about an 1/16th inch (1.6mm) of gap on the back end, see attached photo. On the driver side rear quarter window, I noticed a nice chuck of debris stuck near the edge of the film, also see attached photo. The passenger side rear quarter window initially had a decent gap on the edge and has now started to bubble, this is clearly a re-do so I don't have any questions on that one. But referring the first two findings listed here, are those two windows considered acceptable to the community here in terms of installation quality? I'm not familiar with the industry so any insight would be much appreciated. Specifically, I need to know if my $475 bitterness towards this is justified or if I am just being excessively OCD. Thanks for reading everyone, look forward to your inputs.