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  1. Yeah, I think I'm going to live with it. I don't trust them to do a reinstall to be honest. Also to think I was contemplating having them tint the front windshield....glad I didn't!
  2. Sorry, forgot to mention. It's a 2018 Mazda3 with 30,000 miles. I cleaned the windows really well inside and out and brought it to an automatic car wash ten minutes before I brought it to them. Next car I do, I will hand wash instead.....maybe the automatic car wash didn't clean it well enough.
  3. Hello, I had my windows tinted with 50% SunTek Carbon XP about six days ago.....four days of which it was in direct sunlight. I paid $320 for for the side and rear windows at a highly rated pro shop. Windows were thoroughly cleaned and also washed the car right before I brought it to them. Today was overcast outside and I noticed many micro bubbles all over the rear tint. The side tints have the same but to a lesser extent. Looks to be dust/dirt contamination? Here are the pictures (top left of first photo is my steering wheel/seat in the background, not tint issue): Is this acceptable or does it need more drying time? Thanks