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  1. Ok thank you guys again I appreciate your time! 100% noob to it.
  2. I called them they said it's 98% heat reduction Nano ceramic tint
  3. One last question with heat reduction is there a huge difference in the temperature of the car as it sits? I can tell no difference.
  4. Just worried to get ripped off because it is a very small shop and no receipt they said it has a warranty but no paperwork. Its a 2 man shop.
  5. They said they had three levels of tint. I went with the highest one which cost about 375
  6. Okay thank you. Can you tell me if there is a way to tell if it is ceramic or cheap tint?
  7. I just got my windows tinted at a small shop. Didn't get to see the products they were going to install. How do you tell if it's a good quality tint? I paid close to $400 for medical-grade 30% tint. There are also small bubbles tint they said would go away after it adheres to the window about 10 days. Any comments would be greatly appreciated first time tinting windows on my vehicle