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  1. I used to use a plastic razor blade before but I prefer not to use that method. I actually prefer to use like white pin stripe material to mark out the black border and use as a cut buffer however that stuff is getting harder to find. If i could just get a 1/4 roll of white vinyl or tape could be perfect however its not easy to find either.
  2. Alberts316 i cannot agree more which is why I want to find a cut aid tape that is quality to use and wanted recommendations if possible.
  3. Been having trouble with the Olfa stainless blades scratching glass right out of the box as of late. Does anyone have a border tape solution or something like cut aid that is recommended for use on black border cuts? I would like to make things easier for installs without using a light when you don't have assistance as well. Any options would be great for place to buy a form of border cut tape or or something of the like. Thanks also on a side note the blades seem to be duller than they used to be and chunk up much easier than in the past. is anyone else having these issues with Standard Olfa Stainless Steel blades?