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  1. you're crazy; XPEL is the best film on the market by FAAAR try it out before you talk...
  2. they'll get IN trouble for selling to you, i highly doubt anyone will sell you film
  3. scorpion film is complete garbage; TRY TO GET XPEL
  4. it will be hard to try and find film just due to the shipping itself. Not that hard though Solar guard Xpel LLumar global solar guard suntek lexen
  5. You my friend have the right mindset, could not agree more
  6. True but for what it’s worth it’s great I’ve used other brands of film. Try it you’ll like it
  7. lexen has been working fine for me! its good quality film too
  8. tinttek is by far the worst software on the market, i personally use computer cut, always gets the job done
  9. scorpion is pretty good, easy to install and easy to shrink. Customer service is A++
  10. Ive tried LEXEN, it's actually pretty good for the price! 40 x 100 is 109$ installs easy and heat shrinks great. Im thinking about switching to solarguard but the prices double...
  11. lexen is good, youll have to get into contact with suppliers for other brands
  12. 2 bottles, I use TINT SLIME, its pretty good but kinda pricey, its a green liquid. One bottle will have more of the solution