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  1. Also as far as I can tell it didn't rip just air pockets. As far as I can tell
  2. I damaged my tint yesterday. I wasn't paying attention and was trying to remove an adhesive mounting strip I also realize I shouldn't have had on it in the first place. I pulled back a small section of tint with the adhesive it snapped back onto the glass when I released it and realized what a dumb @@@ I am. Is the only way to fix this to remove and retint the entire back window and if yes, then what would I be looking at --possibe defroster damage or something else that doesn't look good? Is that a risk that will have to be taken regardless because is could spread/ seprate? The car is 2020 camry, tint is Llumar 5% Metallic and was done in January. I loved the job that was done during the install but I know the guy who did it is a one man show and I wanted to see what all I'm looking at or my options before I try to hit the guy up with a retint or trying to find someone else to do it if he won't.