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  1. I think I figured out one of the biggest reasons for my issue which is squeegee technique. I've been holding it at too shallow an angle & so even pushing with two hands wasn't getting all the solution out from under the film. Gel is more pronounced because of it's viscosity. Holding it at the proper angle and overlapping swipes has virtually eliminated the issue. Lesson learned. Still wondering if the gel pockets will dissipate. Pic is typical of the size.
  2. Been detailing for a long time and have started testing the PPF waters. I've been experimenting with different slip/install solutions. One issue I'm having is with the Xpel gel. No matter how diligent I am with my squeegee I end up with gel pockets. Wondering if these will dissipate over time? They are about the size of a dime or nickle. Baby shampoo slip seems to be much friendlier and easier to squeegee out but I keep hearing that gel is better for beginners. What am I missing?