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  1. TY much Bham. I really don't know if they are laminated but I can tell ya, looking at the glass at all angles (with no tint) there's zero anything. Its crystal clear. Yeah I kinda knew about the oil slick thing, but like I said, this is far more than that. When you drive down the road, you shouldn't see purple road signs, redish buildings and color shifting cars😂 And the stripes look just like an over exposed negative. Shrugs...
  2. The windows are razor bladed and crystal clear. So clear at some angles, that it looks like theres no window there. And theres no 'aging' artifacts of the glass.
  3. I don't wear glasses (and not looking through sun glasses), polarized is a good description whats in the tint.
  4. Hello, first time poster, don't know what to think here. So I took my Dually to a tint shop with over 15 yrs in biz and the two customer cars they showed in the parking lot where excellent - from the outside. This shop only does tint, I only had the pass/driver windows factory matched to the rest of the truck, %20. Its perfect from the outside. Waited the three days, no rolling up, drying etc. When looking out its like a bad acid trip, not just a tiny amount of rainbow, it colorizes buildings/cars/road signs/bridges etc. When leaning back and looking at the upper half of the window with a blue sky - theres massively noticeable horizontal colored stripes with brighter, clearer spots in between stripes and the colors in the stripes. After reading here, I know theres many of you that are at the top of the tinting game. So my question is, I assume this isn't normal. I know you can get a very faint colorize, not these over exposure like stripes. Is this a shit job? Did they maybe use the last tint of a roll? Sorry for the length but thought I should explain clearly. Thanks for your(s) input. Almost like this at the tops. Odd angle, got a short bed. The actual bed is 8 1/2' long 😆