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  1. Thank you @highplains for the response! I ended up going with the shop that had good ratings and that a friend had also used. Not to mention the hot tint installer girl haha. Turns out they used MaxPro on mine (but they use others too). After alllll of my research, I agree that the "difference" in brand probably isn't so much felt by the consumer as it is by the installer. It's probably most important that an installer is using something that works for him or her (in regard to the product itself, warranty, cost, etc.) I could be wrong, but it seems to make sense. Also, a hot girl installer with a foreign accent....... definitely helps haha. Thanks again! edit: I was also sold because they said they had a display and almost any % I wanted...... I went to see the display and was sold by the % I wanted by the hot girl. MaxPro was kind of left over from a % they stopped ordering but that I wanted (the guy said they didn't have it...then he ended up on a call, so the girl took over and found it). $260 for a 4 door sedan You guys rock! Thanks! Hope this helps installer "dudes" and "dudettes"!
  2. Hi, I'm not an installer, just an average customer. I've narrowed the 500 tint shops in town to a few shops who have great reviews and comparable prices. However, they have different brands... so I'm wondering which is the "best" or even the "difference" in these brands? Llumar Carbon Xpel CS Carbon ASFW Carbon MaxPro Carbon Solar FX Carbon Any insight into the differences in color, clarity, quality, etc., (if any) would be awesome! Thanks for any help!