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  1. That makes sense and I heard that you can’t shrink it sideways.. I guess i struggle with the fact that the fingers are so huge and I haven’t learned to read film very well yet, so I try to direct them to go up and down towards the top edge, but then I get to something like this... which creases. I’m clearly missing something lol .. Today has been a better day, as I got all of the other corners down besides this one 👍🏼
  2. By the way, what is your favorite dry shrinking prep?
  3. ‘No ma’am,’ thanks for your wise advice 😉 I will cut off more film off of the sides and play around with the placement of the anchor.
  4. Ryker, I’m using LLumar film, so it’s pretty good quality film. What heat guns do you recommend? Any tips on how hot to get it and the best way to angle it? Or you just gotta see it in the film? I guess that will come with practice.
  5. P.S. that is why I posted on here “no ma’am”... to “get advice from just about anyone on here”.. hence TintingRookie 😉
  6. There’s a good few people that have had trouble with it. I refuse to roll up the film and not do it because that’s not how you learn. Practice makes perfect. The prep is with Dry Shrink Prep and I do it exactly how they show to do it. What’s left at the end are in the following pictures... I’m clearly missing something and need more practice to feel the film out. I’ve been tugging/pulling on it a bit as I’ve heat shrunk it and then carded it of course. I go in rows just like the videos show it.
  7. 2004 Acura TL .. the fingers are huge on this rear window!!
  8. I was just wondering if there is anyone around the Asheville NC area that would be willing to give me a few pointers? Also, is there any training going on anywhere, despite of Covid?
  9. The fingers on this car are huge and no matter what I do, they won’t lay down and push.. it’s as if they won’t shrink into that squiggly line when I heat it up. What am I doing wrong?
  10. I meant to say “you can’t see it from the inside”
  11. It definitely looks like it’s as if some water is left in it or something, but it was squeegeed out with full force with a BlueMax. When you look at it from the inside, you can see it so it makes it hard to do anything with it. There’s definitely some scratches on this window but nevertheless!
  12. Just recently did a car and noticed a few very interesting streaks. You almost can't see them from the inside but you can on the outside. I was informed by a fellow tinter that they are champagne streaks and that 99% of them go away/cure. Any advice on this? Thanks in advance! Tint Rookie
  13. Looking to get into tinting. Trying to find an instructor in the Charlotte, NC area. Does anyone know of any near by? I actually live in between Asheville and Charlotte. I am willing to travel for the experience. How much does this usually run?
  14. Yea, so I've been noticing. Thank you for your input. Do you just use the Blue Max or the orange crush or something?
  15. Hello, Are the scratches from the 3M gold card normal? This is on Llumar window film btw... it's as if you can't see these lines when you insert in on the glass, but I was just curious... hence "tinting rookie"....
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