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  1. I have no idea what the guy used. I spoke to the shop and going back there this week to have it looked at. I'll ask when I'm there. I did some more research and it looks like ceramic tint is more expensive than non ceramic. I'm just amazed of how bad it looks.
  2. I just googled it and I think you are 100 percent correct. So is the ceramic film cheaper than non-ceramic? Its crazy how bad the haze is. Its almost impossible to see out the window. It creates more of a driving hazard.
  3. Hey all! I've had tints on all my cars for at least 20 years now. Just tinted my new car and the tint is extremely hazy. Non of my other cars ever had something like this before. Is this cheap tint or bad job? Its a lot more visible when the sun hits it. The rear window came tinted from manufacturer so you can see a huge difference.