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  1. Sounds good, I’ll check those out. Thanks for the recommendations.
  2. Hi, been tinting for about 10years now part time along side my normal full time job. Business has been picking up year after year and looking to get a plotter now. Looking to add PPF to services as well. In need of recommendations of purchasing a plotter. New? Used? Brands you like and have good luck with? Anything to help. Thanks in advance.
  3. Update on topic, finally got around to trying again this time with the “slip ease” solution. Took care of the issue I was having. Thanks for the input everyone.
  4. Yeah slip solution both glass and film. Bottom loading as well with gasket out. Moves nice with no drag. It just when I go on first pass I’m getting a small “milk” line every try. Going to be at it again hopefully this week. Ordered some different solution mentioned earlier. Plan to excessively clean glass as well with steel wool too.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the advice guys. Is there a particular squeegee you have been using in particular security film? Been a lot more difficult than I imagined. You think film is film. Guess not when it comes to this stuff.
  6. Does anyone have experience in security film in general? Seems to be a small topic of discussion on here. Trying to get tips, tricks of this general line of film. Thanks in advance,
  7. Hello, new here to the forums. Been tinting for about 10yrs now and just got into 4mil security film. Primarily on the front windows of police cars for a big client I do normal undercover tint for. I don’t have any experience in it and can seem to get it lay clean without streak. Usually on first pass. I’m using tint slime the super slip mix. Well tried the normal green stuff too. Using with a bluemax as well as orange crush. Same issues. Am I missing something here with solution? Should I be using baby shampoo? Seems to be a solution problem. I’m using bottled packaged distilled water. Clean spray bottles. I’m bottom loading just fine, it’s not dragging while placing. But when I squeegee I get what looks like adhesive streak or dried air bubbles from spraying. The film I’m using is 3m Scotchshield 4mil in clear. Any help, tips would be greatly appreciated. - josh
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