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  1. Hey, I appreciate the insight. I'm glad I'm not crazy haha. Any suggestions for approaching them seeking a refund? I've already asked about that as a resolution but they said they wouldn't do it. Thanks.
  2. Hey, I had my Vw Golf tinted in June of this year. I had noticed quite a number of bubbles and imperfections in the tint. I call up the place and they tell me to wait a month or two and see if they go away. So I wait until August and let them know that the issues are still there. So they agree to take a look at the problem and agree to fix 3 windows. The problem is they tell me that the rest of the windows aren't bad enough to re-do. I didn't have a chance to inspect the windows until the next day but they were as bad or worse than before so I get in touch with them and let them know. They tell me that any window they re-do will be worse than before, that they are unwilling to do anything about the issues and then proceed to blame my vehicle for being too dirty. Which was never a discussion that we had had when the tint was first done. After asking for the tint to be removed and for them to give me a refund, the most they would be willing to do is take the tint off but keep the money I paid. Sorry for the long post, but any insight into the quality of the install would be great. I included some photo's but can provide more if you'd like. https://imgur.com/v73mEfe https://imgur.com/a/2CsJYvs Thanks.