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  1. Not to beat a dead horse but here is another which tint should I go with thread. I am an over-researcher and have compared tints and tint shops around me for about two weeks now. I have read threads on this forum all the way back to 2007 and I know picking a tint depends a lot on the shop and how they install it and personal opinion but I just wanted to get some professional opinions. If all three shops are comparable, professional, and do good work (so equal) what would be the best choice? TInt will be going on a 4 door mid to dark grey 2018 Volvo S90 in Ohio. All windows and the back glass (windshield at a later time). I would like it to be the same all around and am thinking around 30ish%. After doing research I came to the conclusion that my budget should be between 300-400 because that seems to be the sweet spot where you can get a good quality ceramic tint. Option 1: FormulaOne Pinnacle 30 (Transmittance 33% TSER 56%) $349. FormulaOne Pinnacle 25 (Transmittance 25% TSER 58%) $349 Option 2 XPEL XR Black 30 (transmittance 30% TSER 58%) $399. Option 3 Autobahn Black Ceramic 30 (Transmittance 31% TSER 55%) $300. (They also have the Autobahn Ceramic I3 33 for $450, a little out of my budget unless it is just super worth it)- I am concerned with the reflective look of Autobahn on a grey car. All of these shops are SelectPro, Prime, etc dealers and come with a lifetime warranty and perform relatively similar in regards to TSER values. My concern is I read on this forum that for Llumar's Lifeteime warranty if you go darker than legal in your state (50% front windows in Ohio) then the warranty is void. Is this true for all films or just Lluma/FormulaOne? If that is the case then the lifetime warranties are really just through the shop, and only as good if the shop is in business and under the same ownership. I can't find any documentation on any filmmaker's website specifically about warranties. Not providing a lifetime warranty backed by the national filmmaker because of a % almost eliminates that brand and might make my decision easier.