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  1. STEK now has a Ppf training class, great group of guys. They are in Washington
  2. ok I will deffinently try that. The customer knew it would not be perfect as i am just starting out hence the discount. The headlight is on a 2019 expedition max not sure if you have done one. Maybe there not that difficult for a pro haha
  3. Thanks for the reply! and yes that would have been a lot worse lol. It has not fixed it self yet so i am just going to replace it. Thanks guys!
  4. Thank you for your response!. Was hoping it was moisture and would dry out but if i run a squeegee over it there does not seem to be anything there under the film
  5. Hello Everyone, new to this site and also new to installing Paint protection. There is a weird mark that i am not sure what it is underneath the paint protection film. The piece was difficult to install so do not want to redo unless i have to. I used a small amount of xpel gel, slip solution and diluted alcohol. Was curious if someone new what this was.
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