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  1. Is there any training and courses available in the socal area that you guys would recommend? I am primarily looking into PPF and vinyl wrapping and preferably multi-day courses. Thanks
  2. Just the 3m tape. From the forums I read almost of them don't want holes being drilled in the truck and the 3m tape held just fine. I want to go with the same route but am concerned if it will be a bad idea to have it attached to the PPF instead of the paint. I checked online in the bimmer forums and the opinions seem half and half.
  3. Hi, I have a quick question for all which I cannot seem to find an answer for. I have my car wrapped with PPF and I want to install a very light spoiler lip on the trunk. Is there any issues with attaching the spoiler lip with 3M tape on top of PPF? I suppose it will only be as strong as PPF, and that if one day I want it off there is a good possibility the PPF will be damaged.
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