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  1. There are indeed moisture. The bands went away after the car was parked in the garage out of the rain for a few days.
  2. So the saga continues. The windows were tinted in December 2020 with FormulaONE Pinnacle Ceramic Film, and recently I just discovered that all 4 windows have this strange band that appears to be between the film and glass. Absolutely cannot be wiped off. Moisture? The band is where the glass touches the weather strip. I am the one who posted started the thread about the tinter allegedly scratched my glass.
  3. I got this photo from the tinter's facebook page. The guy in the photo is the one who tinted my Audi. Look at where he places the film on the glass, which shows how my scratches were created. When I bought the car back for him to see, he blatantly lied that he places the film 2" above the seal, instead of 1" that he does.
  4. Thank you, but did you remove the shop's name in my original post?
  5. I most likely won't go with that route, even though everyone knows that the shop is responsible. I really don't want to replace glass on a brand new car which might potentially cause more problems like rattles or other scratches on other parts of the doors. I just want the shop to acknowledge their mistake and apologize for it, that's all.....
  6. I have been telling everyone the same. The scratches are from the tinter, but the shop is denying everything. There is really nothing else I can do except try to polish out the scratches myself. What's even more interesting is that the same tinter tinted my wife's Q7's front windows 4 years ago. I don't inspect my wife's Q7 like I do for my own cars so I decided to bring out my inspection light and holy crap, I see the same scratches. The back passenger windows have ZERO scratches because they were never tinted. I emailed the owner about this and asked to see the tinter's other prior jobs but never got a reply.
  7. Well, to be fair, the rear window does not have deep scratches like the side windows do. There are only hairline scratches on the rear glass...
  8. Sucks to be in this situation. I am very OCD about my cars and this just sucks. However, I am trying to read everything I can about glass polishing so hopefully I can make those deeper scratches less noticeable.
  9. Do you mind posting photos of those imperfect glass that you speak of? I am curious to see them. Thanks.
  10. Here you go. The same type of scratches on the rear glass, but no deep ones like the side windows.
  11. No deep scratches on the back windows. Only hairline ones around the area outside the dot matrix. I can see the outline of the cut where he put his blade on the rear glass...
  12. No you are not being punked. That's dust you are seeing...
  13. All scratches, micro/hairline or deep are along the bottom edges of the windows....
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