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  1. I am not worried about the life span, I have yet to keep a vehicle longer than 3 years in the past 18 years. I just want to make sure I am buying a quality film. I have always put Llumar on in the past, but it seems everyone locally is recommending the shop that uses Suntek, which is why I asked.
  2. I just purchased a new car and I'm looking to have the windows tinted. I know everyone recommends Crystalline, however there are no installers around me for almost 2 hours. Locally, I have two options 1) Suntek and 2) Llumar. Both shops have the same warranty, and both have great reviews. Suntek shop with more positives between the two. Price not being a factor, which would you go with between Suntek CXP, Suntek CIR, or Llumar CTX? I'm expecting Llumar because everything I see on here says Suntek sucks. The shop I went to pushed me to Suntek CXP over CIR because the CIR had more of a green tint in the sample vs the CXP charcoal and you get similar performance (sales talk). I figured you all would have a better knowledge base than someone trying to sell me a film. If I'm going to do it, might as well do it right the first time. Going with the usual 20% on the sides and adding 50 or 70% on the windshield this time around. Will likely do 50%, but I've never had a windshield tinted before so I haven't decided for fear of going too dark.