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  1. Hey everybody hope this is allowed if not feel free to remove it. I just made this profile because Iv got over 2k worth of window film sitting in my garage that I need to sell. I had a side business but ended up getting burnt out doing it and my career at the same time. I am definitely going to sell it cheaper than what I paid for it and have some tools as well I can sell at a discount, I’ll also pay the shipping. Feel free to contact me at once you email me we can text, I didn’t want to post my number on here. Thanks Two full 40x100’ 5% and one 95% full roll (did the fronts on a f-250). Three full 40x100’ 35% Rolls Three full 24x100’ 35% Rolls Three full 40x100’ 20% RollsTwo full 24x100’ 5% Rolls One full 24x100’ 20% Roll Two partials that will equal over a full box of 24x100’ 20% Roll $1,400 takes everything listed and seen in the pics! (Largely discounted) No shipping fees, no taxes! If you want to purchase PER box the prices will be as follow... 130$ Per 40” Roll 80$ Per 24” Roll 145$ for all the tools in the pic (plus a couple not viewed) 30$ for the soapy solution (I do have all this listed on eBay as well, if you’d rather purchase from there, it’s two separate listings one for the tint one for the tools for a little more than what I’m asking on here. Just let me know and i can drop the price to the tint dude price.) Thanks for reading, Jonathan.