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  2. Would prefer experienced. Although, if you show you have true desire & basic skills/accumen, we are willing to train you more! We have all been there at some point. - Super established Growing big shops in Vancouver, Wa - We have our own large retail following of over ten years of building relations in PNW and way many commercial accts, etc.. We presently have a window tinting technician. We plan to keep. We also need to add another that we plan to keep too! We pay good ($100 for full tint, $40 roll ups set, $25 visor). Super nice full facility - We will happily give you anything you need and your own new tool box, tinting tools and work station as we do all of our team members. We also do a lot more than tinting - so you are surrounded near A lot of knowledgeable staff on production floor! We are always SUPER slammed 12 mths out of the year. Find & DM us at IG: @couvescustoms / text-call ~360.553.9646 or email - But wait... Are you able to give references? If not, tell us why - We are a fun, open and positive four generations company. So, if you are - Moody, unpredictable, needy, run personal agendas, or always a late primadona. Pls dont contact us~ save drama for someone else. If you kick ass and love living life in great environment - hurry up and contact us! Ask for Production Mgr. Jeff or Debbie in payroll & mention this ad. We are normal, chill and like it to stay that way way around us & excited to have a new tinting team member. Couve’s Crew