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  1. you can't see it on the outside as it's under the black painted part of the windshield. (not the clear part) We (myself and the guys at chicago auto pros) felt the edge with a plastic fork, and it hasn't lifted up.. it's on there fine. They are saying it's a good install, but if I want they will do it again and that's it, whatever happens, happens. I just want to prevent this from happening again, I've had multiple windshield tints on multiple cars and have never experienced this.
  2. So Chicago Auto Pros tinted my windshield (Tesla Model Y) the first time, no problems, everything was great, that was with Llumar pinnacle. I had my windshield replaced, they retinted it with xpel XR Plus and now there is a visible edge on the bottom right in front of the driver. The worst part is it reflects the light back into my eyes (at certain angles), like someone reflecting the sun off their watchface. I think the tinter cut the tint badly at this particular spot, maybe too much angle and the edge is too thick at this point. The edge is about 1.5 mm under the black part of the windshield, so that's not the problem though, it could have been cut lower. Their excuse is that XR Plus is a thicker film (dual layer), Pinnacle is thinner and single layer...I'm not sure it's actually thicker I think they are both 1.5 mil. Anyone have experience with this type of problem? What do you think is the proper thing to do in this case?