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  1. I recently took my tesla to get a full front clear bra with xpel and just got it back yesterday. Overall the xpel film itself is fantastic but the install was less than satisfactory. On the drive home one of fender side cameras fell completely off and was hanging. They tried to fix it by using double sided tape but i believe its supposed to be clipped in. Then when i got home i saw some of the edges lifting. And today theres more lifting and i just realized the cameras that were taped had clips that were damaged so that is why it did not attached. Its so frustrating they had it for 3 days i paid 1800 for it and they ended up damaging it. I dont know whether i should just give them a benefit of the doubt and let them fix it or just immediately try to get them to remove it and refund it.there is more places where it is peeling i just dont have pictures of it https://m.imgur.com/gallery/0RjqzHb