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  1. My 2021 Nissan Sentra has been sent to two different Dealers and has the same problem. The car doesn't recognize that the key fob is either on the Start button or just next to it & the only thing that is there excuse is that the condensation from the air conditioning is leaking onto the brake line/wire/whatever and is causing the short. BS The issue is serious and the Nissan dealership(s) as well as Nissan North America are doing nothing to fix the problems. Thanks, Andy
  2. The 2021 Nissan Sentra has "dye" in order to pass for window tint. This dye causes thin film interference and makes driving the automobile a DANGEROUS and certainly an important part of driving on public roads and highways. The Dealer$hip and Nissan refuse to fix the POS driver's, front passenger's and rear window stating that the problem is the sunglasses, nearsighted glasses and the type of lenses that darken as the outside light increases. Is there any one else that would like to add to this ? Give me an idea of how to resolve the issue ? Or is an attorney that can help ? Thanks, Andy