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  1. I emailed the tinter some pictures of it and said I was concerned. He offered to redo it without hesitation. Hopefully third time is the charm! I am going to buy him lunch as a token of appreciation for not jerking me around and standing behind his work. I do appreciate that so it’s the least I can do. Thanks for all the replies!
  2. That’s the other thing too…it does catch my eye now that I know it’s there. If it starts to bug me maybe I’ll just eat the cost of replacement and have a different tint shop do it. For whatever reason this particular window and the installer do not get along. With my luck the second redo would get messed up too.
  3. Thanks! I was thinking the same. He’d probably redo it again but then I risk old glue being left where it’s much more noticeable. It’s out of the way where it is now and doesn’t stand out unless you are looking for it. Now knowing how the removal process works I can see how this could happen to anyone. It’s a little annoying but overall I’m happy with the work. I’m thinking I will just live with it.
  4. Hello All, A little while ago I had all the windows on my Ford Escape tinted. After a few days I noticed the film on the driver’s side window wasn’t all the way to the back edge of the glass. I took it back and the tinter redid the window. Fast forward to today when I noticed this is the lower corner of the glass. Is this old adhesive from the original tint that wasn’t completely removed? A defect in the glass? It can be felt when placing my finger over it on the inside. If this is old adhesive is this little bit of residue acceptable? Overall I’m very happy with the job and don’t want to be one of those customers as I know no tint job is perfect. Thanks!