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  1. I will tell you right now. Watching YouTube videos looked so easy. Got out to actually start and it was harder than I thought. I told my wife like 3 hours in “I wish we would have paid the $1,000 to get this done”. This craft definitely takes a special breed. I have ZERO patience and my hand isn’t that steady. Much respect ✊!!!
  2. Don’t be to harsh this is the first tint job I’ve ever tried. Literally took all morning. I do have a question though. How do you get air bubbles out? I have a few I cannot get out?
  3. Update: Got my film and tools in today. I played around with one window on my camper. I will just say this. I probably should have paid the $1,000 to get it done 🤣😂. I guess since my wife is so mad I spent a decent amount of $$ for materials I have to make it work.
  4. Thanks, if I saved a few hundred in the long run and learned something doing it. It’s a good day. 👍🏼
  5. Hello all, So I bought a camper a few months back and wanted to get the windows tinted to help with the heat. I contacted multiple places to get it done “professionally”. I was either told they are just to busy or the prices were extremely ridiculous. So I began researching for days to try and do this project on my own. After many hours/days searching the internet and watching YT videos I finally found a tint company to buy from (film and tools). I purchased enough to tint my camper along with 3 vehicles. I figured what the heck this looks like something I would enjoy doing on my off time and what better way to learn this craft is to practice on vehicles I own. Who knows if I get pretty decent at it and I enjoy doing it I may take up a side business. Good thing about this is that the only tint shops are about 45 minutes away so the opportunity could be worthwhile. My film/tools should be here tomorrow and I cannot wait. Any tips/tricks or advice would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck! Thanks 😊.
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