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  1. I have a street level house with lots of windows. I need recommendations for creating more privacy and prevent passersby from looking into my house. I am looking for ways to increase the privacy during the daytime, but at the same time not diminish the amount of light. I'm in the West Coast Seattle area and love natural light and want as much of it in during the day. At night I have roller shades for privacy. I've looked into mirror-tint and I like the amount of privacy for daytime. The problem is my Strata probably won't allow it because it's too obvious/shiny. I've checked out frosted-tint but don't like how I can't look out from inside. I've asked a local installer for help and he suggested the Llumar dual-reflective 25 window tint. This provides a little bit more privacy, but it blocks out too much light. It looks like staring through a pair of sunglasses. I want to let in as much natural light as possible. He also suggested the dual reflective 35, which allows more light in, but loses too much privacy. There's barely any noticeable increase in privacy. My main purpose is privacy and UV protection and others is extra. Is there anything else that can help? My window is dual-pane tempered glass if it makes a difference. The installer mentioned that high solar absorbance may shatter dual-pane windows, but thinks the Llumar DRN35 should be fine. I'm concerned about safety of window tinting too.