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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'll take every precaution but I won't be too upset if I end up tearing the film. I'll just chalk it up as a lesson learned and pay for another windshield job.
  2. Hello folks. I had my windshield tinted with Madico Black Pearl Nano 75% on my truck's windshield a month ago, which is in flawless condition and am very happy with. A few days ago I installed a dashcam using double sided tape directly onto the film, but I'm not satisfied with the camera placement, so I'd like to redo it. Problem is that the double sided tape is the strong red-backed VHB type and at this point it's on there good and tight. Is there a best practice to removing items taped to window film without peeling the film with it? My initial plan was to take a razor and wedge it in between the tape and the dashcam and try to separate it without messing with the side stuck to the tint, and use some sort of solvent to peel away the tape, or perhaps wait until the winter when it starts getting cold again and maybe, the tape will be brittle and I can "pop" it off the film. Much thanks.