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  1. I got the first tint job done on my new Honda CR-V 16 days ago in Texas, I paid 150$ for two front windows tint with 35% “CARBON” film. Driver side window has about 60+ dust bubbles , passenger side window has around 30 dust bubbles plus 2 creases/scratches. I noticed those once the tinter done the job, but he told me those bubbles and creases will disappear after 3 weeks. I also called them today and still told me need to wait until 3 weeks! But I did see the dust/hair in the bubbles! So it supposed stay there forever. Is this normal or acceptable? I do understand no tint job is perfect and I do not like to complain if I don’t have to. BUT this is bothering me a lot so far! What are you guys thinking about this ?? Some pictures attached, it’s really hard to catch those bubbles over the camera.
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