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  1. Deciding on tint to use on my BMW M340i in Portimao Blue down in central florida and have read some posts saying that Formula One would have a more green hue but regular Llumar more blue hue. I contacted a few of the highly reputable shops in the area and received prices of $250/CTX, $290/Pinnacle, $420/IRX, $490/Stratos (no real intention to use Stratos, but figured I'd throw it out for price comparison). When I compare all the specs, I am seeing Pinnacle and IRX are basically identical so Pinnacle is a much better deal for me. I'm just concerned about possible green hues since that doesn't sound like it would look very good on the deep blue paint. I would be going with 15 or 25 on all sides/rear, nothing on front, interior is black. I'm not too keen on spending $130 more for IRX over Pinnacle for same specs but if that means I don't have green hues, maybe it would be worth it. This is a price jump in general for me as all my cars in past 10+ years have been Solar Gard HP Charcoal 13 which I've never had any complaints about, but the guy I normally use is too busy so going to branch out. I'm willing to spend more this time because I'm interested in ceramic and higher IR rejection.
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