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  1. ahh! No he definitely said it is a black reflective window film! So my thoughts were correct? Some people just choose to use less silver "aluminum" to make the film look less mirrored but also while trying to balance out the absorbance and reflectance to make it as safe as possible?? What you are implying with the 3 layers sounds cool! Almost like a triple reflective window film! Your might be onto something there haha!
  2. Wow! What an amazing response. We have the books as well but thanks so much for the response! I may as well try and get the answer to another question while you seem to be a wiz! The dual reflective being "dual pane safe" when this film gets darker it looks more silver on one side with the express window films ranges. I would presume it's to reject more heat away so they balance the absorption so it's safe. But when I look at pictures of JWF night scape 05 it's black both sides? But does have more absorption. I spoke to express window films and they claim there isn't even a silver. It's a reflective black? (Picture added) < one is their silver 15 and one is their dr 05.. clearly is silver to me? We installed their dr25 and it looked silverish as well
  3. I get what you are saying though as they oppose each other so once combined it may play with the absorbance. But I still would think they would chuck it together or offer a ceramic 05%-20%.. Be great to get an exact answer
  4. From what I've researched the window film deals with the Reflectance , Absorbance, Transmittance of the suns energy (UV Rays, Visible Light, Infared heat) So it has to deal with 100% of the energy that passes through it whether its reflected , absorbed or let through, so surely silver, which is a very reflective tint... Will REFLECT the IR rays instead of absorbing it.. The same way it reflects the UV rays and visible light instead of absorbing, how can it all of a sudden be an absorbing window film for just IR? When its properties are reflective and it deals with the other parts of the R.A.T the same? And if it can not have control over the absorption of this. Even if it could not control this. Then why wouldn't they just create the film anyway for single pane glass ? Sorry if these confuses you, thought it might be quite interesting to answer this considering after 10 years its not been answered
  5. I would be interested sim.windowfilm@gmail.com! How do you even just create your own software? Or is it another software that your selling with your name? Always been interested in how this process is actually done!
  6. Heres a question, why does one crack under heat very easily, and one doesn't crack at all? Never seen this asked or answered in here
  7. Hello guys first post but long term observer of this group! The information here is still far better than any Facebook group so thought I would add this question here as well! My question is for you Flat Glass Pros! What is the real reason that Dual Pane glass breaks more than when the glass is single standing? everywhere I read It is different.. - Some say its the two panes moving different to each other? - Others say its the fact the gas in the middle ads to the overall heat build up thus causing the tinted window to be absorbing too much heat and crack? Really curious as to why it breaks! And I may as well slide another question in while I'm here! Why don't they make ceramic in the darker shades in flatglass? or why don't they make it in the silver ranges of window film to make a silver ceramic window film? Thanks guys!
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