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  1. Hello all. I am looking for the best shrinking film available in small to moderate quantity. It's not for a shop I'm a DIY'r and this would be purely for my personal vehicles. I've done about 15 cars over the years and felt fairly confidented until I ran into my latest edition a Model S Tesla. The front window if you can call it that, I say it's a fishbowl. Anywho it is proving to be beyond my skill set with the current tint on hand. Gila, MKBrothers and or Blackmagic. I have tried both wet and dry shrinking. I successfully get the bottom shrunk, but not the top. Or I get the top and the bottom but not the sides. I've concluded to pay a local shop as I have the windows removed. But I would prefer to learn and improve my skill set. It's my understanding the quality of the film and its ability to shrink plays a large part. Thank you all in advance.
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