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  1. Absolutely doable.... and I soak the crap out of them, not mist 😅 All I do is tape off the charger port, but even that isn't necessary as most if not all new phones have moisture detection sensors and wont charge until the moisture is remove or has dissipated, thus not damaging the phone. Have always done a premask and hand cut out for them, but software would be nice. Though its a great way to make some extra money off those small "scrap" pieces... I put scrap in quotes because the shit is so damn expensive, it hurts throwing any out 😂
  2. that's the adhesive. could have been the film, seen it happen also when using tack on edges and the film dries out before it lays down 100% either way hope you got it rectified.
  3. Those pics made me cringe, damn. Hope you got it resolved, probably would have gotten a refund and went else where because that install is terrible, not minor issues based on all the glue lines and separation as well as the poor cuts. $575 can be really cheap depending on what you mean by "front of the truck"
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