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  1. Yeah just cause it's a high dollar car doesn't give a right to price gouge imo.... some cars are harder and I've tried to let a customer know up front but 1300 that stuff better block more than just heat
  2. Yeah they've ran me around about software and film...... need a good connect with no bs
  3. Really wanting to start doing a 1-4 cars a day depending on model. Worked for about 5yrs a an installer. Did a little PPF and vinyl as well I'm interested to get back in and looking to find someone to assist me with some guidance. Looking at possibly getting with a manufacturer. I'd considered trying some precut kits but I don't feel like those kits are that trust worthy especially after using different types of software. Feel free to roast but would like to thank anyone in advance. I was active on this forum back when I was actively working as installer for an EX friend.... 🤣 TIA
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