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  1. I have an appointment this week to get my 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring in Sonic Gray Pearl paint protected, ceramic coated, and window tinted. The shop carries F1 Stratos 70, 50, 35, and 15, among others but I want to go with Stratos. The stock glass on the car is ~70 VLT, and possibly 75-85 VLT on front windshield when I compare against windows rolled down. The interior is black with white/grey ceiling. I'm not sure what the factory tint on the sunroof is, but I plan on tinting sunroof too. My priorities ranked: 1. Aesthetics (either sleek dark smooth transition or a deep all around classy look) 2. Tint Performance (heat rejection, glare reduction, night time driving, safety) 3. Privacy I understand anything on my front windshield and front windows is illegal in my state. I'm not trying to create a hazard or anything. Stratos 70 was a no-brainer to me but the bluer hue vs. the charcoal/green from the 50 below gave me concerns. The factory glass already has a blueish hue to it though. My top 2 ideas are: 1. Slight-to-moderately darker all around to achieve a classy look with good visibility. Not too light or too smoked out look, but noticeable enough to reap the benefits of the tint inside and outside. I really like the look achieved in this video: 35% & 50% tint against a light interior - 3M Ceramic IR 2. Just go for the sleek, dark look ala 15 rear and something that transitions well into the front windshield (70 or 50) and front windows (50 or 35). This is my daily driver for work, so I would like something that can help with glare while not making nighttime driving dangerous or attracting unwanted attention. I heard 35 all around is the most popular choice, but I'm not sure if that takes into account whether a car has factory tint or dye in the glass. If I put Stratos 35 (0.39 performance sheet) all around, that would read: 0.7 * 0.39 = 0.273 or 27%. The others would be: Stratos 70 (0.69): 0.7 * 0.69 = 0.483 or 48%. Stratos 50 (0.56): 0.7 * 0.56 = 0.392 or 39%. Stratos 15 (0.17): 0.7 * 0.17 = 0.119 or 12%. Not sure how dark I want the sunroof to be - as it is, I don't like that it hurts when the sun shines directly through it and I don't like how street lamps are too bright when driving under them at night. But I still want to open the shade and let some light in. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
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