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  1. I recently put some storage containers in my SUV and when I unloaded them l found and killed two adult female black widows. Since then my dogs have each been bitten as have I. Them in the back seat and I on the hand, neck, shoulder, and foot ( I was driving in flip flops). I feel the bites start to burn before I get where I’m going, confirming their presence in my SUV. I have Llumar tint, 15% on all glass but the sunroof and windshield. The back glass has an almost imperceivable nick, other than all windows are perfect. I would like to use a chlorine bomb, or three, to kill the spiders but I’m afraid this would damage the tint in a major way. I can’t use a bug bomb bc my dogs go to work with me every day. I will be using a shop vac too but that’s no guarantee and I don’t feel good about my ability to find where they hide. I know the bomb will work but at what cost to my tint?
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