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  1. So, what kind of filtration system do you guys use to clean the car before installation or to fill your spray bottles? This would be used prior to using a pressure washer. When I lived in Dallas, I had a reverse osmosis system that worked perfectly, but I'm curious whether there is anything fresh and improved. If you have a favorite, please let me know, perhaps with a link? Thanks! My Friend Tell Me -> I have a very fine mesh filter on my water supply; I'm not sure how much that helps, but I haven't had any contamination concerns. We wash the automobiles in the carwash to remove the bulk of the dirt before cleaning them with a clay pad.
  2. It's a decent filter... but it would exacerbate the situation. I use the filter in my store for clear bras, but not so much for colour... our water is a little hard, but I haven't noticed any issues... what prompted you to get a water filter? I've been using the 5 gallon water for colouring rather than the sink because of the hard water, but I was thinking about washing the bottles out. Some Mannys advise just using distilled water. It's one method to maintain a high level of consistency in what you put out there. Here are some ideas for you.
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