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  1. good morning all... Tintpioneer here,,,also previously known as AREYOUTHETINTGUY I've been tinting since 1982,,,went a completely different route 10 years ago and due to covid I was let go from my job,,,so I have decided to go back to window film I realize there have been major changes in the industry,,,, any tips on anything I should be aware of? types of film ? from my quick checking it seems like the rear windows on most cars have become somewhat easier for install,,,, I believe the biggest change I should be aware of is the addition of electronic hidden everywhere ( back in the day we only worried about the rear deck on a BMW lol) Thanks and I look forward to talking to all Cory
  2. tintdude...nice to be back.....i need to order a bunch of new tools ,,,,and need a recommendation on what manufacturer to re connect with for flat glass
  3. Good morning I am one of the original TINTDUDE members....I have been tinting for 35 years,,,,Been retired for the last 7...im 53 years old and decided to get back into the game....going to be selective on what cars I do but looking to go full speed with the flat glass. I cannot believe the advances in the quality of films since i have been away..Wish me luck gents
  4. i worked from home for many years..my one rule is the customer needed to drop off the vehicle,,,no waiting around out of respect to my neighbors...went without a problem for fifteen years plus
  5. hi guys its been years since I've been on here...this site has come a long way.....keep up the good work
  6. hi guys its been a few years since I've been on here,,,I'm going to do a little snooping around lol