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  1. Got as close as we could get!! Reflective it is...
  2. Make friends with one man operators, pay them well for help on an as needed basis. It will help, even if it’s just a couple days
  3. You’re not nitpicking, that’s great input. I’ll take a look at etching my logo on a provided piece. Maybe I can source a better unit. The laser etching was important for me, I wanted people to see the name. Give away promo items have really made our customers happier and keeps them talking/thinking about us.
  4. Thanks! They are to give away, but I haven’t figured out a promotion associated with it yet.
  5. I wanted to share something we did to treat high end clients and build our brand It was expensive but they are nice
  6. Attention all local talent! We are growing rapidly in all areas. I’d like to talk! 239-571-9551 We have a fantastic environment and strong compensation plans. Thank you
  7. It’s been a while! Finally back and installing VK70 here. Merry Christmas
  8. Autobahn Performa Huper Optik Ceramic 40 and Wincos 70 mixed on these siblings
  9. I have it on my van and have sold full installations of it without any negative feedback. It is sputter coated gold and silver, so you could potentially loose 1 bar of cell signal. Regular metalized films will be signal friendly though. I personally favor optically clear films and feel Huper has that dialed in right without any haziness.
  10. I have one coming in. 2008. Same issue. Anyone figure it out?
  11. This red was sharp, Autobahn Black Ceramic 15