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  1. Did a 530i today and panel came off easy but the clips "sprung" and wouldn't go back in the hole Ended up substituting another clip. Whats the secret?
  2. fireman729

    6 series ?

    Finished result. Back glass reminds me of a new camero. The front seals are super tight. Rubbed the dots on the doors after an hour or so. Probably will not see another one in my town lol.
  3. fireman729

    6 series ?

    I have one scheduled for next week. Anything to be aware of or are they like a 5?
  4. Slow the heat down. Had the same problem till I did this.
  5. fireman729

    17 740i

    I need some help with panel removal. I looked at the post about the 15 740i but this seems different. No way to (for me) to tint it without pulling the panel as it has the sunshade in the rear doors. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. When I am talked into doing one (VERY rarely) I do the vents like flat glass and cut on the inside. I price them so high that no one wants to pay it OR Im getting a good payday. Biggest POS truck General Motors ever built.
  7. Four were new trucks. Had two sets of door glasses (one with a strip). 3 cars were identical Cruzes that I tripled cut the doors off one car. I have a helper pulling panels and prepping. I grabbed a burger for lunch and got back after it. Started at 8 and turned the lights off at 430. I don't "sacrifice" quality. If it don't look right when I pull it outside. it gets redone. You don't stay in business 20 years in a small town by doing bad work.
  8. Ive had my own shop for 20 years. Worked by myself for the most part, but have had some prep help along the way (kids). The other "good" tinter in town quit his job at the dealership (been doing it longer than me) and I called him today to see if we could come up with a money number we could both live with. My thoughts are to split the profits of the shop with him, he's too good to try to pay hourly. What is a fair split? How do you other shop owners do this. Just for reference, I tinted 8 complete vehicles (cars and trucks) today.
  9. Could use some guidance on this. Don't see Mercedes in my part of the world. Do the panels need pulled or just the tops? Any issues with the defroster lines coming off during the strip? Thanks in advance.
  10. Well.........thanks for making me feel like a hack lol. It was cold this morning (>30) and when I pulled it outside it was over 50 with strong sun.
  11. Lol^^^^^^^^ That's is exactly what I used. 4 door Touring. Had 100 miles on it. This is the only time I have had this film curl like that, so in my mind its the glass, especially if the sides of the rollups curled.
  12. I think I did my last one today. The bg immediately started curling (3 tries). I finally cut the film so short if you got the proper angle, the deck would show. All the sides of the rollups curled just like the bg. I read all the stories on the Honda forum and it sounds like its the glass. This was PWG glass. Ive done this 20 years and this is the first time Ive had that much hell getting a bg to lay down. Im glad there isn't a dealership within a 100 miles of me lol.
  13. fireman729

    2015 550

    I have one of these tomorrow. Do the tops of the panels pull back like a new 3 series? How about the brake light? Sorry for the questions, just don't see many in my part of the world. Chevy trucks rule here .