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  1. What Jaz said !!! , If the rod is too heavy you run the risk of creasing the film as it unrolls towards the bottom , too light and it just sits in the backroll
  2. You have a few choices; Cut all edges as good as possible then brush the flaking crap off,precut the film on the glass leaving an 1/8 border or smaller all the way around , carefully install . If the light gap is pronounced as with darker films you can caulk the borders. You can clean the edges as good as possible and then tape the frames You could make it a 2 stage process by cleaning the frames , then taping the glass for overspray and coating the frame with a sealer applicable to the project That frame scenario is always labor intensive , so price accordingly And it all depends on how anal you or the customer is 😁
  3. Not a doggone thing 😢, still nursing a broken leg and subsequent blood clot , eagerly awaiting Drs. ok to work
  4. Sushi is my fav. But... can you imagine growing up and having mom say we're eating the fish raw tonight ha ha
  5. I love Salmon, but have been hearing a lot of negative reports on farmed fish ???
  6. text me 602-421-1776 with that recipe or... but if you're real nice about it , I'll give you a great elk stick recipe
  7. , crisscross some tape around the back of the handle , tape it to the box , it will stabilize the blade
  8. Ha Ha, overthinking , same here , it does weigh all options though
  9. I just realized I can put a 1/4” dent in my Tahoe in 2 seconds and walk away carefree😂
  10. 2 -4 floor elevator shafts, security film . 5’ x 10’ larger panes Tinted the other side on top of the cab . All OSHA approved😀
  11. Nice job !!! Too bad he/she didn't have you replace that faded hood emblem.
  12. Or they're just too busy ,I know i'm not on here too much anymore , Happy Tinting !!!
  13. No Replies???? 3-M has an excellent entry level program, I watched guys there when I attended the Dinok training ,same as tinting, you get the basics then build on experience.They are very helpfull if you have questions after the school. Good Luck bro. The classes are in Mn. so plan accordingly .
  14. when you click off and go back on the wire price goes back to 20 bucks , nice when it's up to 60
  15. I treat the shock mount the same as on a graphic job or film job on doors where the handle mounts ,hard card the hole with a towel and little saliva on the rubber. Thought of carrying some silicone lube and applying sparingly but haven't yet , the saliva works good.