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  1. I have two (one is a backup, they don't last forever) and been using them for over 15 years.
  2. I hate removing film, always rips my knuckles up. I always were gloves (motocross ones work nice) but even then it can still cause blisters. Today I tried something new and sprayed the areas that get ripped up with New Skin, a spray on liquid bandage. Just removed a full front on a 17 Macan and no blisters! Not saying it was the difference in my hands coming out undamaged, but I will certainly use it for future removals.
  3. Precuts do offer wrapped edges and there is no risk to cut the paint. Recommending new film is always a risk, especially on a white car. Have you ever met a film rep yet who wasn't selling the best on the planet?
  4. Best patterns I've installed in my career. Maybe a bit intimidating at first by how close the tolerances are, but I have discovered a great fitting pattern is always easier install.
  5. I noticed it was taking longer to get the edges set but I blamed that on an alcohol shortage and the fact that my tack mix was maybe 95% water. I order it in 40 gallon drums and finally got more in after a 4 month wait
  6. Knock on wood, not sick here and haven't been for a long time. As a matter of fact, I've only gotten sick one time in twenty years of installing PPF and that happened when we were snowed in years ago here in Atlanta. That made me start wondering if breathing ISO fumes all day might have something to do with it. The week we were snowed in, I obviously wasn't doing installs and not breathing in any ISO and got the flu. So the question is, how is everyone? Could ISO fumes be keeping us safe or have I just been lucky?
  7. Having a history going back to 2002 doesn't matter either. Clearing them access to get Audi R8 patterns nine months before the car is released doesn't matter. Allowing them to use my shop to get the original Porsche Panamera patterns doesn't matter. Taking a crew of three to Birmingham Rolex Grand Am race and spending three days filming the entire grid for free doesn't matter. Discovering they literally stole my slogan and asking them to stop instead of taking them to court over trademark infringement doesn't matter. Opening up a corporate store a half a mile away from my shop and using my DAP history to target my dealership account undercutting my prices by 20% resulting in lost revenue for me doesn't matter. Reporting dozens of incorrect patterns or mislabeled shapes over 18 years doesn't matter. Knowing there will never be a warranty claim for a pattern doesn't matter. Giving up thousands of dollars a month (just from me) to cut patterns that are already costed out so its as close to free money as it gets doesn't even matter. There are laws that don't matter too. A company that supplies parts to venders has to make replacement parts available for seven years after that business relationship is ended. "Tying" the software access to film purchase is illegal (I have a customer that is a board member legal advisor from a world wide privacy management software company) doesn't matter. Maybe if we were black Norm, it would matter. The Core software will be ready soon and the Film Wraps patterns are better than Xpels' ever were.
  8. As far as the filmwraps patterns,...I would say most of you aren't good enough to appreciate the detail work that went into designing these shapes and should hope none of your local competition starts using them. Norm, if I recall correctly, you did mostly bulk installs. I challenge you to try them, I don't think your customers could tell the difference.
  9. Lets suppose you are in the market for a used car and the dealership has two that are just about identical as far as miles and options. One was protected with PPF and the other wasn't. Would you be willing to pay more for the car that looked brand new as far as the paint condition over the one that had dozens of rock chips and scratches? If so, there's a ROI. Not only that, but most people would assume that if the original owner was willing to pay big money up front for PPF, they probably took better care of the vehicle, got their oil changed and did regular maintenance as scheduled vs the owner that let their car get beat up.
  10. Shoot me your email address

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    2. Speed


      sent you a short video, let me know if you get it.


  11. Great video. I try only using probond inside a wrapped tow hook or under hoods. I've found using it on areas that can be seen can look like dried up elmer's glue, kinda ghosty. Recently I stumbled apon a wax/polish that helps the film bite just about as much as Probond, but not so hard you can't lift the film without hurting the adhesive. It's a witches brew that the detail manager makes at one of my dealership accounts, and he has been tweeking it since I realized how well it works. Right now we have two versions we are developing with different levels of bite. One is a spray that works great on the surface where you need an extra hand. We've all been there where you need both hands to hold down the film and need one more hand to squeege it down. Perfect example would be a 911 fender when you start at the a pillar and have to stretch it to the headlight. It nearly always want to pull back. I spray a little right at the top of the fender above the light and it helps the film stick first time 90% of the time. Same thing on Camaro or Challenger bumpers below and around the headlight areas, film sticks first time so you don't get that "overworked" look at the edges. The second is applied as a paste wax and it has enough bite that you can apply it under the hood where I normally would use probond, and it sticks at about 90% as good. Again, it doesn't harm the adhesive if you have to lift the film and reapply it. Both products make the surface of the paint as smooth and as slick as glass and works so well, you can get film to stick on surfaces that have been ceramic coated with no other prep but spray and wipe. I know because we had a Benz in that we couldn't get film to sick at all, even dry. That's when we discovered how well it worked. I hope to have more made up soon and would like to get some feedback form other installers. This has become an expensive proposition once trademarks and patents are factored in so please don't ask about pricing as it won't be cheap compared to other spray on waxes or instant detailers. I have been using it literally on every install over the last few months getting it dailed in and would hate to not have this at my disposal.
  12. No problems here, I've sent back maybe 2 rolls since they first came out and never had any issue with customer service.
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