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TintDude Premium Memberships

You can help support this important resource.


Becoming a Premium Member will grant access to private sections of the forum, increase PM storage and attachments, and gives the ability to upload large photos etc.


Private Sections:

Premium Member's - General Forum

Door Panel & Brake Light Removal Guides


Increased Personal Message storage and attachments: Premium Members will be able to store unlimited Personal Messages. Premium Members may also attach images to Personal Messages


Upload larger photos. Unlimited file size upload.


Raffles: If you have participated in the many generous raffles, please consider becoming a Premium Member.



At $5 per month, $25 for 6 months or $40 per year, your Premium Membership to TintDude will help to keep this valuable resource alive and growing.


TintDude.com is a lot of work and costly to run, if you've benefited, please consider giving back and becoming a Premium Member.


Thank you!

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